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Some call me creative. Some call me funny. Only one calls me his Mrs. Three call me Momma. You can call me Shelby. I say I’m just me, a proud Texan & Aggie who loves the Lord, good food and seeing the world- even if it’s more through my babies’ eyes’ than via airplane these days. I’m just over here taking it one day at a time with a Dr. Pepper in hand and #keepingitreal on assignment for Jesus.

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Welcome to my REALity

By on March 14, 2015

Well here it is. My blog. Years in the making.
Lots of planning. Lots of writing. Lots of brainstorming. And even more crazy ideas in the shower or driving down the road. Isn’t that where everyone gets their best ideas?
The name “Raising the Baugh” actually came to me somewhere between Justin, Texas and 76240 on my commute home years ago. During a time I spent my days getting paid to be creative. Before I had one baby, let alone three.
Today, here we are to my first post.
It should probably be fancy, and creative and have major wow factor. Or at least that’s what I had “planned” until this afternoon. But I felt it best to instead welcome you to my REALity. Especially after yet another friend texted and asked “how’s the blog?” You know, since I told my circle it would be up last week. For sure last week, for real this time.
God has laid it on my heart for this to be an outlet to be creative, but more importantly, a place to be real. So I might as well start it out that way. #keepingitreal is my goal for this space, and I am blessed that you are here to share it with me.
My site went live on Sunday, as I was headed home from the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin. A site I was proud of, with a little (ok, a lot) about me, the hubby and kids, and a few holes to fill in with content saved in a folder on my laptop. I just needed to jump online for an hour or so and get it finished up and start posting away.
But here is the truth- things aren’t quick and easy when you live with three kids 2 and under. I mean, sometimes it takes me an hour just to make it to the bathroom, and if you want to wash your hands, add another 30 minutes.
I’ll do it this afternoon while the kids nap. It won’t take long and I can knock it out I said Monday- because I forgot I had a doctor appointment, during naptime, out of town. Tuesday, no big deal- until no one wanted to take a nap except me. Wednesday I finally figured it out- until I woke to sick babies. But I was a problem solver, so I just loaded them in the car and drive to Braum’s for a milkshake. All three kids were asleep before I was out of the driveway. I didn’t even realize they were so tired, now I was confident and excited for my caffeine fix after slightly panicking when I opened the mini fridge to no Dr. Pepper. I returned home, ran in to use the bathroom because it wouldn’t take 90 minutes this time, and returned to a car of screaming children. And a friendly text asking about my new corner of the internet.
That’s when it hit me. I’m here to be real, so I might as well forget the bells and whistles and jump right in. If you’re here, thanks for sharing a part of your day with me. I promise to keep it real, and hopefully slightly entertaining at best. Or at least a place for people with my last name to keep track of the pampers posse. Stick around and you might find more than just a homepage in a couple days, ok, maybe a week or so.
My challenge to you this week is to be real. Take some of the pressure off and don’t worry about being perfect. And also, go get yourself a milkshake, or at least a nap.
P.S. I just hit save on my first blog post and it simultaneously started hailing. What does that mean?