My Family

My only boyfriend. My first love. My partner in life, business and parenting. My favorite dinner date and traveling companion, though those don’t happen as often as I’d like.
Arguably the best looking guy to ever wear a cowboy hat. Definitely in my book.
True Texan born and raised, though we can see Oklahoma from our home sweet home.
The hardest working guy I know. Works hard for our family. Plays hard with our kids. What more could a girl as for? Laundry and dishes? He does those too.
He inherited the fearless gene from his father, and passed it on to at least one of ours. Catching rattlesnakes, swimming with sharks and owning his own business since 23, he’s got this.
Every day he manages to make me love him more, even on the ones when I don’t like him very much. ‘Til death do us part since November 29, 2008. I was the best birthday present ever!

He teaches our kids daily what loyalty, hard work, dedication, passion and love look like.

He leads our family and always goes the extra mile at home and at work.

He sacrifices day in and day out following the dreams in his heart.

He uses his gifts to serve others and our business as a ministry to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Who knew that could be building a boat dock or fixing a trailer or flipping down a welding hood to play with some fire.

Watching him grow each day and take others with him is one of my favorite things about being his wife.
Welder by trade and master of many. I’m convinced he can do or fix anything, including broken toys, bad days and kitchen disasters. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

His favorite kind of beer is cold and free.

He’s our resident grill master and if someone is cooking breakfast (not for supper) it is him.

He’s the most adventurous person I know and will eat anything. He might not like it. But he will eat it. At least once.

He gets up with our kids in the night way more than I have and for this he needs an award.

He also needs an award for doing his own laundry.

And for never complaining about changing his fair share of all those dirty diapers that have gone down at our house.

He’s awesome. He’s hot. And he’s mine. Praise the Lord.
Matt Baugh may you always love me and continue to leave the toilet seat down for decades to come.
Big personality. The happiest kid you’ll meet, until he’s not, and then it goes equally into the opposite direction.

His contagious smile showed up in the NICU and hasn’t stopped since.

He is quick to forgive and is always looking out for others.

His take charge and determined attitude help him serve as the leader of the toddler tribe, be it good or bad.

He can do anything he sets his mind to and isn’t afraid to try new things.

God gave him the sweetest spirit and the love he has for Jesus is a blessing to so many already.

Reading books about trucks and tractors, or playing with them are his favorite things to do.

His love for equipment, combined with his resourcefulness and skills are the reason we can’t leave the keys in anything.

He’s broken more things than we can count, but he always tries to put them back together. He’s destined to be a great Mr. Fix It someday.
Only child for a while (21 months) but our oldest baby forever. He still likes to get all my snuggles each morning.
Chocolate and Cheetos get his attention. Blonde hair and baby blues aren’t all he got from me.

He’s never met a stranger and is the most affectionate little boy around.
Keeps us on our toes and reminds us daily toddlers can’t be trusted. Especially ones that were easy babies.

Brock Anderson may you always be confident and never be too old to play with tractors.

Momma’s boy from the start and my little helper.

This little man gets whatever he wants from me. Especially if he offers up one of his signature “big kisses” and turns on his charm.

His favorite thing to do is carry the dirty laundry from our bedroom to the laundry room on his scooter. He won’t let me to carry one single piece. Such a servant’s heart.

I pray he will have a desire to jump in and do all of that laundry and put it away someday soon with as much enthusiasm.

Mr. Big Feelings loves to build things, is generous and willing to share, and is always quick to comfort others.

When the volcano erupts he needs a one way ticket to his room to calm down and 20 minutes later he’s ready to be Mr. Nice Guy again.
Squishy, snuggly, sweet and smiley ray of sunshine, and a total baby hog anytime there’s one around. Just like his daddy.
Hilarious little ham. This kid will do anything to get your attention, especially if you are his brother.
Looks up to his big brother. I’ve never seen a bond quite like it, and it’s been mutual from the get go.
Loves to be close to his twin sister. Always. He thinks dog piling, pinching, wrestling and hitting are ways to show affection.

He’s not really into change and is the follower of the bunch.

He believes everything should be in its place and is very particular. He eats his M&M’s according to color and is the only one that puts the books back on the bookshelf.

His favorite color is green. He prefers to wear only John Deere tractor shirts. He repeats everything you say and while it’s cute when you’re reading a book it’s not so much when you lose your cool.

He could live off of quesadillas, smoked sausage, beans and steak. If it’s carbs or candy he is definitely interested, and pizza is what he dreams about.

Marshall Don may you always enjoy life and sing Jesus Loves Me all day no matter who’s around.

Make it known: Mattie isn’t short for anything, it’s long for Matt. She was a Daddy’s girl from the start.
Animal lover. Stuffed ones, real ones, ones on TV, she loves them all, and gets so excited she almost can’t stand it. Especially when our cat comes around.
Twin sister to our middle child, and that makes her the baby by a whopping minute.
Though she be little, she is fierce. And with 2 older brothers she better be. Mess with her and her alarm will sound, or she’ll just take matters into her own hands, and boys, she means business.
Independent princess and our little observer. She was the first to crawl, walk, and is probably going to be the first one we let drive, if we even let the other’s get behind the wheel of a car.
Expert at stealing hearts with her sweet smile and giggles.

She’s got the biggest heart and her compassion for people and animals is second to none.

She loves big, when she warms up to the idea, and so long as it was her idea. You might compare her personality to a cat.

She takes care of her brothers and is quite the little momma. The combination of sass and boss she was born with will no doubt make her a great leader someday.

Accessories are her love language. Shoes. Bracelets. Bows. Necklaces. Scarves. Purses. Socks. Cell phones. Nail polish. And they better be pink. With sparkles. She is all girl.

If you are in the car she is going to sleep. And speaking of sleep, she requires a pillow, 4 blanket at minimum, 3 babies, 2 ponies, a cat, a giraffe, a puppy, a pig and a bunny rabbit in her bed at all times.

Her favorite place to sit is on the kitchen counter. Or pushing a stool up and “I watch you Momma, ok?” Fixing supper. In the bathroom. Writing paychecks. She wants to be right there.

She is the messiest eater of the bunch and that’s directly related to the fact she picks everything apart and she can’t decide if she wants to sit in the chair, on the stool, on the counter, in her plate or wander around.

Her dream breakfast includes 4 oranges, an apple, a banana or two, a bunch of grapes, some strawberries and a yogurt with some chocolate milk. She eats her weight in fruit each month.

If there is mud she will find it. If there is a pen she will seek it out. If there is lipstick around she will be wearing it.

Mattie Lou may you always stand up for yourself and color outside the lines- on paper, not walls.